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Spirit Horse Alliance is proud to be the fiscal sponsor of three programs that offer coaching at little or no cost to clients:

  • The Mother Ranch (Julia MacMonagle, EGCM®) provides The Shine Program serving troubled adolescents and also the The White Horse Whispers Program that serves mothers and children traumatized previous to the adoption process that can cause attachment and other problems.
  • One Neigh at a Time (Kathy Slagter, EGCM®, GCM®) offers a unique healing experience with horses that transforms your recovery process.
  • The Wind Rider Project (Glenn Weissel, EGCM®) offers services to veterans and first responders recovering from trauma.

For further information check out the links to the programs we sponsor.

Please select which program you would like your donation dollars to go to:
Spirit Horse Alliance
The Mother Ranch
One Neigh at a Time
The Wind Rider Project


If you would like a receipt for a donation over $100, please request one from us. Thank you.