“Horses are bigger than you. They can be intimidating, but the horses at Spirit Horse Alliance became part of me. The work they did with me is indescribable. Paula has a gift in assisting people to heal with horses as her partners. You are free at Spirit Horse Alliance to discover who you are without judgments. I have a sense of peace, of finally coming home to a safe place.”
Angela S.
Spirit Horse Alliance coaching client

“I have been lucky enough to be able to volunteer with Spirit Horse Alliance for almost a year. My experience has been overwhelmingly fulfilling and rich. SHA is where I go to get away so that I can find myself. The horses have such enormous hearts and each one contributes special and unique qualities to make up the magic that is Spirit Horse Alliance.”
Mariel P.
Spirit Horse Alliance volunteer

“Spirit Horse Alliance has provided training to the Boulder Mountainbike Patrol (BMBP) volunteers since 2009. The mountain bikers really love this training as it gives them hands-on experience with a horse…..I believe this training has helped to foster a wonderful working relationship between the horse and bike communities.”
Amanda Hatfield
Ranger, Boulder County Parks and Open Space

“Spirit Horse Alliance creates a deep appreciation for the beautiful and non- judgmental side of Nature. Connecting with the horses and with other individuals created peace and acceptance within me; a very rejuvenating experience for the mind and soul!”
Alice G.

“I would like to say Thank You to everyone at Spirit Horse Alliance. You have done a wonderful job of making me feel welcomed! Sitting within the circle of women— knowing I was being seen and heard—was an incredible feeling for me. Thank you.

“I also must say Thank You to the Healing Horses Team—Val, Firefly, Sam, Spirit and Mercedes. Each one of them came up to me and said hello. They then stepped back to allow Mercedes to work with me.

“With Mercedes grounding me in the moment and Paula’s coaching, I was truly able to express and process my thoughts and feelings. As I left the round pen, I stepped away with a deep sense of clarity. Thanks for providing a safe place, full of acceptance and compassion, to allow me to discover my own wisdom.”
Vicki J.

Spending time at Spirit Horse is like taking a huge exhale. Time slows, there is no agenda or expected outcome – it’s just me, the earth, the horses, the sky… I can feel my heart when I’m there, and emotions that come up often surprise me. I always leave refreshed and more in tune with the quiet wisdom of my soul.”
Adrian S.

“I have been supporting Veterans through the People House Veteran Reintegration Program since 2008. I have met a lot of great resources for Vets to work with on their journey back. One of those is the Spirit Horse Alliance in Boulder. I have visited a couple times to be with the Mustangs and experience their total “In the moment” connection with me. Val is the head mare and the one I had the strongest connection with. The experience of being in the presence of these horses is very therapeutic, calming, raises my spirit, and lasts for hours. Paula and Kim have a deep desire to help Vets and are excellent coaches to Vets experiencing the horses. The Veteran’s Day ceremony presented by Vision Horse Healing at Spirit Horse Alliance was very well done. All the Vets there felt the connection and appreciated the support. I am looking forward to continued joint work with Paula and Kim in support of Veterans.”
Rick Beaver
President, Board of Directors
Director, Veteran Reintegration Program
People House

“Getting together with my fellow veterans, family and the horses for the Veterans Day Ceremony was healing. The mood was somber and a feeling of remembrance embraced the group. There was a sense of togetherness; a feeling that we all belonged and had shared something. Emotions ran strong. I haven’t felt a collective calm like that since my active duty days, when I knew my brothers had my back. We came together as one and let our experiences run together as if many streams flowed together to one big lake. We felt a sense of pride: for ourselves, for each other, for what we had done to serve. We were proud to share our experiences with one another.”
Justin K.
Operation Enduring Freedom
Operation Iraqi Freedom