The Faces of SHA

Our Two-Legged Members


Paula Karan and Eclipse
Paula is a horsewoman, author and community leader. She has served as the Board President of SHA since July 2008. Retired from a professional career of managing non-profits, she finds joy in participating in the healing magic when people and horses connect. Paula is a certified coach ( Find out more about her at Paula is guardian of Spirit, Bailey, Shadow and Eclipse.

Julie has witnessed firsthand the healing capabilities of spending time with horses. SHA is a way to incorporate her life-long love of horses into her desire to help others and give back to the community. Software devlopment manager by day, Julie and her horses spend their free time helping people work through change in their lives with her coaching business Julie is guardian of Samwise, Valkyrie, Tres and Chance.

Cathy Steiner, CC, EGCM®

Cathy Steiner
Cathy is a certified life coach, artist and animal communicator. She is also a certified Equine Gestalt Coach, partnering with horses to facilitate clients’ growth and healing. In 2012, Cathy became a regular visitor at SHA, helping care for the horses and coaching with them and Paula. Cathy’s caring work with animals began as a child when she patiently coaxed a stray dog to come inside and become part of her family. She has volunteered at the Chesapeake Wildlife Sanctuary and as a cat rescuer in MD, as well as at Medicine Horse Program in CO, focusing on Mustangs.

Our Four-Legged Members

BaileyBailey Buckskin spent eight months at Harmony Equine Center in Franktown CO. She had been abandoned, along with her foal, and neglected. Bailey was 250 pounds underweight. She is a mature Mustang, with incredible healing abilities. Bailey is powerful, energetic and intelligent, commanding respect. Once adopted by Paula, Bailey began working with humans, keenly sensing what they needed, even while she was adjusting. It took her awhile to fit in with the rest of the herd, but she soon became the lead mare. Bailey is not rideable, and her level of training is unknown, which makes it even more amazing that she chooses so willingly to partner in coaching. Bailey encourages clients to take a walk on the wild side!

ChanceChance lived up to his name when he came as a bonus rescue with Tres. His constant sense of curiosity makes him a favorite with visitors but, more importantly to Chance, gets him extra treats.

EclipseEclipse was rescued from impending slaughter by Drifter’s Hearts of Hope. Paula adopted her in January 2017. Eclipse is sensitive and sweet, and will become a wonderful coaching horse, supporting clients in finding their inner strength, just as she did to survive. She also asks that client’s look at their “sacred cows,” as it might be a good idea to question a belief, custom or institution once held in esteem, but that no longer serves you. Eclipse reminds us that after short periods of darkness, the light returns.

Samwise Samwise is a Mustang adopted as a yearling from the wild. His curly coat and mane make him look like a teddy bear in the winter. He is a jokester and the diplomat in the herd, ensuring nobody is left out.

Shadow DancerShadow Dancer is a Mustang that was gathered from the wild and then trained in the Wild Horse Inmate Program (WHIP) in Canon City, CO. He joined the healing herd in July of 2013. He has a knack of helping people to understand their “shadow” side. He is more typical of a compact sized Mustang. Although he appears somewhat “cat like,” he loves working with people, and puts his hoof up for coaching in a big way. Paula is his guardian and partner.

SpiritSpirit is a Mustang gathered from the Wyoming wild as a weanling. He chose Paula as his guardian as a yearling by displaying his willingness to work with her. His spirit is as large as the blue sky. He is very close to his wild horse instincts, and has a great presence when working. He is curious and gentle with people. He reminds us that no matter what the circumstance, our hearts can always remain free.

TresTres is a Mustang rescued with the help of a Spirit Horse Alliance grant. He’s a gorgeous tri-color that somehow makes him look like a stuffed toy. He’s a sweet boy who has learned to trust people and no longer hides behind Chance.

ValkyrieValkyrie is a Mustang from the same herd as Samwise. Her blue eyes and Belgian blood set her apart from the other Mustangs. She has a heart the size of Wyoming and uses it to help those who are hurting. She’s even been know to walk away from her dinner to help someone in need.